Shellie Beeman,

      Lyric Soprano

E V E N T S​
F E A T U R E D   R E V I E W S

Spring 2021

Research Study with BJU Colleagues: 

"The Effects of Aerobic Exercise on Vocal Performance"


"Shellie is a gifted, expressive singer. She possesses a lovely, rich, lyric soprano voice with a strong command of her singing technique."


"Shellie knows how to provide her students with a sound, healthy singing technique."


"Her voice in performance can move listeners into a beautiful world of music."


"Shellie’s standard of academic and musical excellence, professionalism, and personal integrity are exemplary. Her commitment to her students and studio is a model for us all. She understands the role of mentoring and encouraging students to find their strengths. She understands how to develop students to be the best they can be by nurturing them as they take ownership of their academic and personal growth."

April 2021

BJU  Voice Recitals

Featuring 2 members of the BJU

Beeman Voice Studio

--and Dr. Beeman is very proud!



In December of 2017, Shellie accepted an invitation to be a contributing author for the upcoming book, Voice Teacher's Cookbook, part of Garwood Whaley's highly successful and intuitive "Music Cookbook Series" published through Meredith Music Publications. Her chapter is entitled, "A Recipe for Relaxation and Fighting Vocal Fatigue." The book is available for order on Amazon or any local bookstore.

On February 9, 2016, it became official that Elsevier's Journal of Voice would publish Dr. Beeman's article entitled, "Perceptions of Voice Teachers Regarding Students' Vocal Behaviors During Singing and Speaking." The online publication date was April 8, 2016, and the print date was January 2017: